Procurement of Land

Sites and plots are very rare to find nowadays in big cities. When considering cities like Bangalore, the availability of plots or sites are comparatively high and the chances of finding one drastically increase.

We liaison with existing owners and take care of the land procurement process on behalf of you. At WORTHWAY PROPERTIES, we have trained professionals who work in tandem with other real estate agents and brokers to help get the land procurement done. If you are either looking to buy or sell sites and plots, WORTHWAY PROPERTIES is one of the safest and most reliable options in Mysore that works in your favour always.

Our connections in the realty sector help get the job done at the earliest. Furthermore, we work together with top officials in Government departments to facilitate the process of buying and selling so that is one less headache for you.


Any business, product or service that needs to grab the attention of the people needs marketing. If you are looking to buy or sell, WORTWAY PROPERTIES is the perfect place for you to do either of those.

For people willing to sell their property, we help market your property in a rightful manner that begets a legit price. Our professional network of real estate agents, brokers and our own staff will help your land fetch a better price. In addition to that, your property goes up on our database which will connect you to millions of other prospective buyers, thereby providing a spotlight for your property.

For those looking to buy sites or plots in Bangalore, WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects provides the best platform for you by giving you various options to choose a property from an expansive database that we possess. In case you are perplexed with your choice, our expert staff helps you make the best choice according to your requirements.

Our marketing team handles all the queries efficiently, connecting all potential sellers to probable investors or buyers. Furthermore, all the properties in our database are verified and are genuine, making sure that our customers go through a hassle-free process of buying or selling in real estate.

Layout Development

Converting agricultural or residential lands to layouts and developing the same involves a lot of stress and input of several painstaking man-hours. This is where WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects come into the picture. We are a team of professional people with all necessary connections who make the work seem easy and possible.

At WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects, we believe that such head-breaking work should be done by people who are adept at that. Our civil team has excellent proficiency in dealing and handling stressful work that most commoners cannot. Be it planning, layout conversion, asphalting, electrification etc., we take care of everything, thus easing a major burden.

In cases where people are not financially stable enough to develop their layout, we take over the land development from the owner, market it, and act as a mediator between the owner of the layout and any potential buyer. We also deal with outright purchasing of lands for our buyers.

When a site or a plot is marketed from a company with credibility such as WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects, it is sure to allure people’s attention. With better attention and recognition, your property fetches a better price than anticipated. At WORTHWAY PROPERTIES, we believe in customer satisfaction and give utmost importance to it.

Turnkey Projects

Apart from development and marketing, WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects also facilitates in turnkey projects or properties. Turnkey properties are those which needs development in various phases. Be it a house or a plot, refurbishing and selling it or refurbishing and renting it are some of the turnkey options.

At WORTHWAY PROPERTIES, we understand the fact that not everybody has all the resources with them to make their life easier. We want to support and empower our clients who are devoid of most resources by providing turnkey ideas.

If you are an owner of a property and are running short of other resources and proper planning, WORTHWAY PROPERTIES Projects will give you a plan and advice you on your property decisions, on a turnkey basis. Really, when people say real estate is not for everyone, it is false. With proper guidance and advice, anybody can excel in this sector.

We want to accredit the people with minimalistic resources to excel at realty investments and likewise. No matter the type of property, be it an agricultural property or a residential one, we will definitely come up with a plan to develop the project or refurbish the same, but on a turnkey basis.

Joint Development

In real estate, a joint venture is a development when two parties come together for mutual benefit. It usually happens in such cases where one party lacks a feature that the other party has. The agreement to work together on a project is usually done on the basis that they share both profit and loss, respectively in whatever percentages they have agreed upon.

If you own some land and would like to develop it into layouts but are devoid of funds, WORTHWAY PROPERTIES in this sector will be helpful in avoiding or tackling problems that might arise during the process. We have previously partnered with many owners and builders as well.

In addition to joint development, we also offer marketing from our company that is sure to bring in a lot of attention to the developed property. This helps bring in more potential customers and thus fetch a good price for your property.

In the long run, a joint development venture usually brings in more money as the prices of sites and plots increase with passing time so it would act as monetary security for you and your family in the future.

Departmental Clearance

Documentation is a big and a long-drawn process that tends to stress out people who are inexperienced. Furthermore, the clearance of documentation and to give a go-ahead for the registration process is very cumbersome, to say the least. It requires the owner to have complete and detailed documents of the property, failing which, either of the parties have to undergo a painstaking process of rectification and obtaining a new set of documents.

At WORTHWAY PROPERTIES, our aim is to make sure our clients do not face such issues. We make sure that the property documentation is up to date and if need be, we take care of additional document procurement and rectification on behalf of both the parties and ease their job. We have well-established connections in government offices and departments to get the job done, swiftly and efficiently.

Apart from the above, we also trace encumbrances if need be and keep a tab on the present status of the documentation process to constantly keep our clients informed and updated about the ongoing process. With the best intention of our client at our hearts, we work diligently to make life easier for them.

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